The 39th IFATCA Asia Pacific Regional Meeting 2023

The 39th IFATCA Asia Pacific Regional Meeting 2023

Last October 17-19, 2023, the 39th International Federation of Air Traffic Controllers' Association (IFATCA) Asia Pacific Regional Meeting (APRM) was held at Merusaka Hotel, Nusa Dua, on the beautiful island of Bali, Indonesia. With the theme 'Resurrection - Acceleration', this year's regional meeting aims to focus on coping with the post-pandemic era and moving forward from the difficult times we faced over the last three years. It also aims to reveal how the performance of the air traffic controller has significant influences in accelerating the revival of the aviation industry.

The event was proudly hosted by the Indonesian Air Traffic Controllers' Association (IATCA). Together with the other fifteen Member Associates (MAs) of the region, the meeting was filled with new learnings, networking, and forging new connections. Cheryl Chen, the Executive Vice President for the Asia Pacific Region, was delighted with the number of participants in Bali, Indonesia.

"As we progress to the post-pandemic world, I am hoping that we have learned a lot of things before, and help us to propel to another era as we face new challenges in the aviation industry. The future is bright for the industry!" she quipped.

The 3-day regional meeting covers various topics in air traffic control. These include safety culture, Innovative Solutions for Air Traffic Business Interest in Asia Pacific, and Artificial Intelligence in Air Traffic Management. Mr. Renz Bulseco of Davao Surveillance Approach, who's also active in some committees of IFATCA, shared presentations about IFATCA's Technical & Operations Committee, Training Task Force, and the World Communications Team. Topics such as the 2030+ Task Force and the Equity, Inclusivity, and Diversity Task Force (EIDTF) were also discussed.

Sixteen MAs also presented their respective reports. Dr. Rudy Boctot Jr., PATCA National Chairperson, highlighted PATCA's plan of action for the company's reorganization, hiring, and training of new air traffic controllers, plans, and activities. While we have unique situations in our respective associations, most of us share the same predicaments. Hence, this promotes camaraderie and teamwork within the federation.

The 3-day event ended on a high note. More work shall be done, but everyone was in high spirits. Moreover, the 2024 APRM will be held in New Delhi, India in October. Final dates shall be announced by the ATC Guild India soon.