About us

The Philippine Air Traffic Controllers' Association (PATCA) was founded on July 29, 1962, to promote and encourage the maintenance and continued development of aviation and air traffic control of the kind and quality required by the Commerce of the Republic of the Philippines, the National Defense and public welfare. We aim to conduct a professional and protective organization for the Air Traffic all necessary functions to enable its members to maintain a high degree of proficiency.

Mission, Values & Vision


Our mission guides planning and judgment. PATCA is a membership-owned organization. We advance the status, professionalism, and working conditions of all air traffic controllers and other aviation safety-related employees through collective bargaining, political action, and other lawful concerted activity.


Our values guide decisions and behavior. Those include honesty, tenacity, leadership by example, hard work, integrity, loyalty to the profession, open communication, and the collective spirit.

Philippine Air Traffic Controllers' Association 2023